Friday, August 28, 2015

What is a “Great” Employee?

What is a great employee?

Taking responsibility for your work performance gives you the power to control your destiny. Taking responsibility also means you understand what it means to be a "great" employee and then working diligently to achieve that definition.

Over the years of my working experience (some in management positions and some not), I've determined a few of the top characteristics of a "great" employee. You may have a few traits to add to this list yourself, but here a list of what I have determined to be the basics. 

Great Employees:
  •  Understand the mission of the organization and work for that purpose, not for their own agenda 
  •  Know and meet or exceed the expectations of their supervisor 
  • Speak up and offer ideas for improvement, not just sitting back and allowing problems to persist 
  • Offer a helping hand to peers, colleagues, bosses, and anyone else who needs support in the organization 
  • Want to contribute to the organization and to the team 
  • Create value for the organization 

 In other words, a great employee doesn't work for their own sake (though we all have our personal motivations for working). Great employees understand how they fit into the bigger picture and want to contribute to the success of the company. Here at Turner Machine Co. we work in a fast paced environment, dedicated to setting the standards of quality and service by providing tailored solutions to meet the automation world and machine shop needs. One of our Core Values is “Passion”. What that means is that we have a passion for building people and helping them to grow by investing a part of ourselves into one another. We are always looking for “Great” employees. If you have the qualities described above and you want to grow yourself, Turner Machine Co. has a place for you. Whether it be in machining, welding, assembly, mechanical engineering or controls engineering, we always have positions available to be filled by you.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stop and Smell the Guns and Roses

Stop and Smell the Guns and Roses 
How do you start your day? Most people have a routine, a norm.   You have a certain way you put on your socks and shoes every day. Either sock, sock, shoe, shoe or sock, shoe, sock, shoe. You may not even realize which routine is yours. Here at Turner Machine we have a routine as well. We start every day with a morning huddle as part of the Rockefeller Habits and we start the huddle with upbeat and inspiring music.  

We may start the day on Monday with Bob Seger’s rendition of "Blue Monday" or a Friday with "Finally Friday", by George Jones, but all music chosen is upbeat to get the creative juices flowing. “It’s amazing how music can set the tone of your day”, said Chris in Assembly, “Even Monday’s start off great at Turner Machine”. In the past we
have had one team member in charge of all the music programming. Lately we have assigned a week out out of the year to every team member so they get to choose the music to launch our day.
“It’s been awesome to see the diversity in music from the team while still getting all of us ready to start our day” said Jeff Turner in a meeting recently.“Everybody gets to bring a little of their personal favorites in music to the rest of the team”

If you are struggling with starting your day, if it’s noon before you really get your day started, change your morning routine with an upbeat and positive play list. Better yet, slap on some Guns and Roses and You will love yourself (and everyone else) for it!
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